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Tips to Protect Your Skin During Summer

Tips to Protect Your Skin During Summer


Unbeknownst to many, skin care is not a modern invention or a recent one. The earliest recorded skin care evidence, which came from ancient Egypt around 3000 BC, shows that taking care of skin has always been practiced by humans throughout time.

As the largest organ in the human body that exists as a protective barrier, we must take care of it appropriately. And just how science and technology have progressed over the years, so have the ways people can take care of their skin. Perhaps the most significant breakthrough was creating products that individuals could use without the assistance of a professional. This boosted the skincare market and enabled more people to take care of themselves.

Since most of these skin care products are tested and approved, and the public has access without the requirement of a prescription, you can pick and choose appropriate products and incorporate them into your day or night skincare routine. 

Such is the case with our renowned online makeup store, The Glowcocoon. As a multipurpose store centering on the skincare and beauty industry, we are proud to hold a vast array of products for both men and women. Regardless of your skin type, you can visit our website and choose products according to your needs. As we only keep dermatologically tested and approved products, each item will work to eliminate your skin issues.

If you are unsure or have queries, you can always call our customer service, and our experts will guide you through any problems and questions.

Since summer has arrived, many people have already amped up their skincare routines by buying products that help their skin in this heat. And for those who have difficulty understanding what to get for the season, worry not!

Below is a list of tips to protect your skin during this season. But before that, the following is a concise history of skincare and the different skin types to help you choose products according to your skin.

History of Skin Care

As easy as 3000 BC, the ancient Egyptians too were conscious and fought against extreme heat to protect their skin during summers. Studies on the hieroglyphics found through various discoveries show that ancient Egyptians used all-natural products, including oils like castor, moringa, and sesame. Not only that, but they even had proper exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing routines. They used:

– Dead Sea salts to exfoliate their skin

– Olive oil and clay mixtures to cleanse

– And milk masks to keep their skin moisturized.

The ancient Greeks, too, had their version of skincare, which included a surplus of berries, yogurt, milk, and olive oils to make items like fragrances, cleansers, makeup like lip and eye tints, and even hair dyes.

Beauty has always been a dominant factor throughout the history of humanity and continues to be so. People may scoff and label it unnecessary or deem it extra; however, it is indispensable that you take care of your skin. The best part about taking care of your skin is that you do not need to pay thousands of rupees and get professional treatments; you can always use natural ingredients available at your home.

However, when applied to the skin, some chemicals, acids, and vitamins can have an exponential effect. And you can buy them at The Glowcoccon at highly affordable rates.

Skin Types

The most beautiful thing about skin lies in its epic diversification. And thus, because of this multiplicity, several skin types exist. And the skin care industry works to target every single one of them.

Salons, beauty clinics, and estheticians are considered experts in skincare and beauty. And it is thoroughly recommended to have at least one consultation session before introducing a new skincare routine in your life. This is because every individual has different skin care requirements depending upon their skin type.

Following are the five main types of skin types:

Normal Skin – This skin type is generally considered perfect in terms of hydration and texture. It does not require any special care as there are no pertinent issues.

Sensitive Skin – A type that reacts highly to any stimuli, sensitive skin is considered fragile. People with this skin type usually experience discomfort, itchiness, tightness, or redness. Sensitive skin is also highly prone to infections and allergic reactions. This type of skin requires an intense fight against dryness and roughness.

Dry Skin – This type of skin can result from external forces like the weather or humidity levels or could be a chronic skin condition. As dryness can cause cracks in the skin, this leaves ample room for the bacteria and microorganisms to enter the epidermis, which may lead to skin disorders like eczema or infections. In the fight against this skin type, you need lots of hydration and moisturization.

Oily Skin – Generally associated with acne, oily skin is when there is excessive production of fat by the sebaceous glands. Oily skin is also highly prone to pimples.

Combination Skin – This type of skin has both the characteristics of oily and dry skin. This is because the placements of sebaceous and sweat glands are not uniform. The area creating the most oil is the T-Zone, whereas the skin on the cheeks tends to run on the drier side.

How To Protect Your Skin During Summer

It is common knowledge that you should change your skincare routine according to different seasons. For example, in winters, everyone’s skin becomes prone to dryness; therefore, you need to moisturize a lot. And in summers, since there is a lot of water loss through sweat, your skin can become dehydrated. Read on some tips for skin protection in summers below.

Tips to Protect Your Skin During Summers

Sunscreen – Regardless of the weather, sunscreen should always be a part of your skincare routine. And especially in the summers. Sunscreen actively works to protect your skin from UV rays by creating an impenetrable barrier. Continuous exposure to UV rays can lead to fatal diseases like skin cancer.

So be it winters or summers, daily skincare routine, or night skincare routine, the best tip to protect your skin is by using sunscreen.

Water-Based Moisturizers – Many people, especially people with oily or combination skin, skip the moisturizing part of the skincare routine since it’s summer and there are ample oils and sweat on the face.

However, these oils and sweat do not keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, or protect your skin during summers. You can always opt for a water-based moisturizer if you feel like an oil-based one is too heavy for your skin.

Cyclic Exfoliation – More sweat means more dust sticks to your face. And the more the dust, the more the chance it has penetrated your skin. Once or twice a week, exfoliating can help clean your pores and remove any dead cells lingering on your skin.

SPF Makeup – If you are not used to putting on sunscreen, you can always choose makeup with SPF in it. Nowadays, various brands offer primers, serums, and foundations that have varying levels of SPF present. These, too, can effectively work as skin complexion protection and protect your skin against UV rays.

The Bottom Line

Skin care is as essential to health as any other. It is in charge of protecting all of your organs against direct external factors, and we have to protect it the best we can. And at The Glowcocoon, we carry all the crucial elements that will help you care for your skin. Have the best online shopping experience in Pakistan at our online makeup store, and start taking care of your skin today! 

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